Xbox One Backwards Compatibility

What’s really stopping Microsoft from adding backwards compatibility with Xbox 360 games?

SlashGear points out that its highly unlikely to happen for a simple reason: It wants to release a comprehensive box set of all the Xbox 360 Halo games for the Xbox One and it wouldn’t make any sense for Microsoft to allow for Xbox One backwards compatibility until that release is out of the way.

While this probably isn’t a satisfactory answer for many gamers, it strikes us as a plausible one and we really can’t blame Microsoft for wanting to milk the Halo cash cow for as much as it can. Plus, we have to admit that the prospect of replaying all of the original Halo games with upgraded Xbox One-caliber graphics is very enticing, which is presumably what Microsoft is planning to do to add value to the Halo package.

Regardless, you probably shouldn’t go into E3 next week with high hopes that Microsoft will announce support for one of the features you’ve been clamoring for.

Credits: BGR and SlashGear
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