Surface Tablet a Gaming System and Everything Else

Don’t get me wrong, i love my iPad and think it’s propelled us 15 years into the future for technology. Although, you gotta give Microsoft it’s props for entering the tablet wars late and trying to catch up.  The Surface RT has done everything i wanted and without a hitch… printing to my wifi printer, office suite, nice keyboard that also works as a cover. But the coolest thing was that i could plug my xbox controller into the USB port, load an SNES Emulator (Snes8x) Free from the Windows store, load some ROMS and start playing vintage Super Mario right without any hacking or jailbreaking.  I guess you gotta be a gamer to be excited about that part.  Anyways, i watched alot of reviews on the Surface RT and there were more negatives than positives.  I don’t agree, it’s been pretty smooth sailing and the little problems it might have will be dealt with on the next updates.

Anyways, now i’ve got my eye on an iPad Mini.

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