Space Apps Challenge Lets Nonscientists Solve Real-World Problems

Credit: NASA/Space Apps/

The power of the people is being applied to space science this month: The fourth-annual International Space Apps Challenge will let citizen scientists all over the world come up with new and creative ways to use data from space.

Information collected by space probes and other space-agency instruments can be used to help expand humanity’s knowledge of the cosmos, or to make life a little better here on Earth. Doing so requires not only collecting the data, but also knowing what to do with it. The 2015 International Space Apps Challenge engages nonscientists in this pursuit.

In this two-day global code-a-thon taking place April 10 to 12, participants will develop mobile applications, software, hardware, data visualization tools and platforms that solve real-world problems for both scientists and the public. Astronaut Cady Coleman and NASA Chief Scientist Ellen Stofan will be on hand at the New York City event. [NASA’s 2015 Goals for Space Tech, Science & Exploration]

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