Lily – The Camera that follows you and Flies Itself

For many years now, we have been using drones in order to capture images or film footage in locations that we weren’t able to reach until now.  However, there are still some limits to the normal drones, as they can’t go everywhere and you also need to control them manually, which means that capturing yourself on camera is very difficult without having someone else do it or having a fixed position shot.

A team of smart investors have thought about this and came up with a very interesting result in the form of Lily, a one of a kind drone that’s equipped with a very powerful camera and whose main purpose is to help you acquire all the footage you need at a professional level.

How does Lily work?

The main idea is very simple, when you acquire Lily you also get a wireless bracelet.  All you need to do is wear this bracelet and it will transmit the signals to the drone so Lily will follow you anywhere you want. The product follows the user with the help of GPS, so the bracelet doesn’t communicate only distance, but also shares position and speed to the camera, bringing in a very powerful set of features.

According to the product specs, Lily does include a wide range of other interesting features, such as a barometer, a front and back camera, as well as an accelerometer and it’s also waterproof. These features add up in order to provide a great experience.

The optics in the device are very good, because not only can Lily capture 12 MP stills, but it also records in full  1080p/60 fps HD video and/or slow motion at 720p/120 fps. Also interesting is the battery, which does require 2 hours of charging time, but the 20 minutes of flight are well worth it!


Moreover, Lily doesn’t face any of the FAA regulations because it will fly only in the line of sight and under 400 feet.

The fact that it’s unobtrusive makes this drone very good, because you just have to attach the bracelet and it will automatically follow you no matter where you go and when done filming, the camera will land safely in your hands.

For the time being Lily is just a prototype even though it prepares for a full fledge release, which will happen in February 2016. You can now purchase the product for $499, basically at half the price, a great deal that you will definitely enjoy! Overall, Lily is a solid product presented at a great price, and even though it’s not yet available on the market, it’s a very good idea to check out, because this is the best way to record videos without having to actually hold a camera!

Pre-order it now for half the price, and February 2016 delivery here.

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