Kick Ass Zombie Game – Dying Light

I’d been wanting to try my first Zombie game for a while and having just finished Far Cry 4, I was in the mood for the next big game.  I went ahead and downloaded Dying Light on my Xbox One after checking out a cool short YouTube clip of the game.  The game starts out in daytime and you have to leap from rooftop to rooftop to survive while completing missions for your group.  If you miss and fall to the ground, be prepared to defend yourself quickly… Zombies are everywhere but they are slow and you can usually climb a building and get back to business.  The game gets very immersive quickly and you’re constantly looking for the next weapon.


Nighttime is insane and you will actually get pretty freaked out about what’s coming around the next corner.  As the game progresses, there are different types of zombies, ones that scream and run after you, and then there are the really terrifying mutated zombies that you can’t kill, don’t even try… just run, run for dear life and hopefully lose them in the dark.

Note: You will actually get scared while playing this freak’n game… walking along and BAM a zombie is right there about to eat your face off!


Not sure how they get up there, but some of the zombies are on rooftops, just standing there near the edge moaning off into the distance and just ‘dying’ to be kicked off. Move in slow and quietly and BOOM, kick’em off the roof… so satisfying.  Sometimes it take a few kicks though, so stay with it.


Camo-blood and guts

Eventually you can even smear their blood and guts on yourself to go un-noticed for short periods, hey… survival is what it’s all about!

Helpful Hint: Keep plenty of firecrackers on hand, they are a great distraction for hordes of zombies when you need to get away.

Overall, the game played really well entertainment-wise and definitely keeps you immersed with action and engrossing side quests. The high speed parkour and gruesome zombie massacres are so intense that you don’t really care about the shaky story line. In short, well worth the download my fellow Zombie slayers.

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