Just Forging Around – Halo 5 Forge

Creativity meets the kill zone in the latest Forge updates. In the recently released Halo 5 Forge, gamers are adding a touch of the whimsical badass’ness to completely new maps incorporating everything from older versions of Halo and even other video games, like COD, Metal Gear Solid, etc. to build some truly custom designed maps. So throw around a few grenades in some cool Forged surroundings and checkout some of these Halo 5 Forge Maps below:

Pelican Bay – Custom Halo 5 Forge Map

Metal Gear Solid Hellbound Level

Dorm Room – This guy built his entire dorm room in Halo 5 Forge. Pretty Awesome!

Remake of Halo CE Boarding Action

Rocket League Remake

Scrapmetal (MW2 Remake)

Halvalla – Halo 5 Forge Map (Valhalla Remake)

Halo 5 – Forge Maps – High Ground Map Remake

This is a remake of the Halo CE (PC) map of Gephyrophobia

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